All Hail Peach

The Story

Peach Fuzz tells the story of an extremely odd couple: Amanda, an enthusiastic but lonely young girl, and her pet, Peach, a prissy ferret with a royalty complex!

Amanda struggles to deal with the challenges of pet care and training, teasing bullies, and even her mother, who threatens to take back the ferret if it doesn't shape up.

Meanwhile, Peach, who believes herself to be a Royal Princess of the Ferret Kindgom, must learn to survive in a strange new world. Although Amanda views Peach as a furry friend, Peach sees her as a frightening monster. Together, they must learn to understand each other if they ever want to overcome all the obstacles in their paths.

The Books

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Peach Fuzz Vol. 1

Peach Fuzz Vol. 1 Cover

Amanda is an enthusiastic but lonely young girl. A trip to the local pet store leads her to discover and fall in love with the most exotic and unique looking pet she's ever seen: a ferret! Unfortunately, she soon discovers that these quirky, tube-shaped creatures are more difficult to manage than one might think!

Peach Fuzz Vol. 2

Peach Fuzz Vol. 1 Cover

The epic adventure of a ferret who defied her cage continues! It's an exciting day of show-and-tell, and Amanda unveils Peach--to rounds of applause and sky-rocketing approval. But the reaction gives Amanda a twinge of jealousy toward Peach - the kids are only interested in her ferret and not her!

Peach Fuzz Vol. 3

Peach Fuzz Vol. 1 Cover

Peach continues to wreak havoc trying to escape, and Mimi suggests that maybe Peach is just in need of a playmate. So Amanda and her mom buy her a friend--Prince Edwin! But Prince Edwin is not what Peach expected. Clumsy, ill-mannered, and a little crazy, he hardly lives up to his stately moniker. Will the two be able to forge a friendship, or will they kill each other first?

Rising Stars of Manga Vol. 2

Peach Fuzz Vol. 1 Cover

Contains Lindsay's short self-contained story set in the world of Peach Fuzz, which placed as Grand Prize Winner in the Rising Stars of Manga 2 competition. The story chronologically takes place between the first and second volume of Peach Fuzz, and reveals the origin of Mr. Jingles, a small elephant keychain, and depicts the horror of Peach's first bath time experience.

  • Publisher: Tokyopop
  • ISBN: 978-1591825364
  • Published: December 1, 2003
  • 224 pages

Peach Fuzz in SpanishAround the World!

It's getting easier to find Peach Fuzz no matter where you live! Tokyopop publishes and distributes the original English-language version of Peach Fuzz in the US, Canada, and the UK. Madman Entertainment distributes the English-language version in Australia and New Zealand. A German-language edition is published by Tokyopop Germany. In Finland, Pauna Media Group publishes a Finnish-language edition of Peach Fuzz. In Spain, the Spanish-language edition of Peach Fuzz is called Piel de Melocotón! The portuguese edition of Peach Fuzz is called A Princesa Pêssego (click here to see a video flip through of the Portuguese edition!). Stay tuned for even more developments!

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